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There are many decorating tips to make your apartment your own. The golden rule to remember is don’t let decorations damage your apartment. There are numerous, modest decorations that will not damage your apartment and let you express your creativity.


Lighting is a simple, often overlooked decoration that drastically affects an apartment’s atmosphere. It’s crucial your lighting accommodates each space in your apartment well. For instance, warmer lights of a yellow hue are softer and will help you relax. Yellow lights are great for bedrooms, making falling asleep and waking up gentle. On the other hand, sharper, brighter lights of blue and white keep your brain alert. Kitchens and bathrooms usually look better with bright, stimulating light. Additionally, white and blue light appears cleanly.


Likewise, furniture is a prominent aspect of decorating. Your apartment’s appearance is contingent upon your furniture’s placement. The same piece of furniture positioned differently can make the same room seem larger or smaller. It’s essential to arrange your furniture wisely to maximize the space in your apartment while still accommodating you, your roommates, and your guests.


Like solving a math problem, there are many ways to decorate. Use the decorating tips you’ve learned to create a comfortable, fun living environment in your apartment.

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