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The secret to maximizing your apartment’s space is to have plenty of organizing tips up your sleeve. Whether you’re moving out for the first time or you’ve been living on your own for years, you can find brilliant design ideas to save space in your apartment.

When deciding how to start organizing, begin with storing similar items together. For instance, you wouldn’t keep the bathroom cleaner and scrub brush under the kitchen sink as you won’t use it there. Likewise, you shouldn’t store dish soap and kitchen cleaners in your bathroom. Organize tip number one: keep the tools for the space in the according space.

It’s easy to get the ball rolling with your cleaning supplies and use that momentum to get your bedroom and personal spaces in order. Your bedroom can be a difficult area to tackle as you have much more than bottles of cleaning supplies and paper products in there. If you’re feeling overwhelmed take a deep breath, slow down, and start small.

A simple way to start undertaking the bedroom is to begin with your cables. Cords become a tangled disarray quickly without proper planning. Healthy cable management will keep your cords functioning longer and your apartment tidy. A knot of cables is a sad sight, but when your cables are well kept, it’s a marvel to behold. Tip number two: organizing improves your mood. When you’re feeling down, clean up!

It’s essential to declutter frequently. When your apartment is a catastrophe, you’ve waited too long to take action. Whenever something breaks or is no longer necessary to keep, immediately dispose of it to prevent your counters, floors, and other priceless apartment space from becoming riddled with junk.

Once you have your personal areas neatly arranged, you can share your secrets with your family and friends. Tell your roommates about the knowledge you’ve acquired to keep the shared areas of your apartment junk-free. A clutter-free apartment makes your living space more enjoyable and simpler to adjust in case of spontaneous guests.

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