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Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Apartment Bedroom

While organization is vital in every room, it is arguable the most important in the bedroom. Start your day right, every day, by waking up in an organized and clean bedroom. Use these helpful tips and tricks to organize your bedroom and start every day a little smoother.

Get It Off the Floor

Decluttering your floor is the first and most significant step to organizing your bedroom. When the floor is cluttered, everything else looks worse—using shelving to take full advantage of vertical space and clean up your floor. Find a shelf or two at your local thrift store for a low-cost and potentially cool shelf, or make your own with things you might already have! You will soon find that a little shelf space goes quite a long way when it comes to organizing your bedroom and your whole apartment!

Utilize Space Under Your Bed

You could get a smaller bed to make more space, or you could use the space under your bed to help you organize! Under-the-bed space is one of the most easily overlooked areas for organization. Under your bed is a perfect place to keep luggage, out-of-season clothes, extra shoes, or any other larger items that need a home. Take advantage of this often-unused space, and you are one step closer to an organized bedroom!

Get Nice Boxes and Jars

Just because it’s in a drawer doesn’t mean it’s organized. Get some small boxes to help keep your dresser draws organized. For example, put all of your socks in a box in your dresser drawer and be amazed at how much more space your drawer has! You can use jars to store jewelry and other loose ends, keeping them safe and organized.

Work in a Different Room

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, not an office. Help keep the clutter away by taking your work out of the bedroom. Computers, books, paperwork, and notebooks are a recipe for a messy bedroom. By taking your work elsewhere, you will find that your bedroom becomes far more relaxing when you aren’t constantly reminded of work, not to mention it will be more organized!

Keep Surfaces Clear

It’s so easy just to get home and throw your phone, wallet, keys, and whatever else on the dresser or nightstand and forget about them. Surface areas like nightstands, dressers, vanities, and floors show clutter right away and make it easy to lose things and continue the disorganization cycle. Keeping these spaces clean will go a very long way to keeping your bedroom organized. Use desktop organizers or jars to help keep these areas clean and organized.

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