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Skilos Family Pet Store in Walker’s Point

Skilos Family Pet Store is set to expand its presence, this time venturing into the northern end of Walker’s Point. The company, renowned for its existing store on the East Side, has secured a lease for most of the first floor within a recently renovated structure located at 131-141 S. 1st St.

Zizzo Brings Skilos Into the Mix

This strategically placed building, just beyond the borders of the Historic Third Ward, was recently transformed into the new headquarters for the esteemed marketing and advertising firm, Zizzo Group. Anne Zizzo, the CEO of Zizzo Group, expressed her careful consideration in choosing a tenant for this space, emphasizing the importance of selecting a business that truly benefits the local residents. In her statement announcing the lease, she noted, “Bringing Skilos to the area fits with our mission of making Milwaukee a great place to live, work, and play.”

Skilos’ New Store

The new store, spanning approximately 3,600 square feet, is twice the size of Skilos’ initial pet store located at 2328 N. Farwell Ave. Zachary Dewitt of Skilos expressed their gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to open a second location in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. He emphasized their commitment to serving as a valuable local resource for the Third Ward community and continuing to offer local brands and quality products that residents have come to love and trust.

What Can Pet Owners Expect?

The store is expected to provide a wide range of supplies for pet owners, catering to cats, dogs, and small animals, including reptiles, bunnies, chinchillas.
Moreover, it will feature a section dedicated to live crickets and mealworms. Skilos, owned by Judy Kurscheidt, Dewitt’s mother, debuted in August 2021.

Zizzo’s New HQ

Zizzo Group successfully completed its renovation project in October, hosting a well-attended press conference and open house. This event included the distribution of “White House Club” bourbon, a playful nod to a historic liquor produced in the 168-year-old building.
Architecture firm RINKA collaborated with Zizzo on creating an office environment within the two-story, 12,200-square-foot building designed to encourage in-person work while accommodating virtual conferencing options. At its opening, Zizzo Group reported a workforce of 25 employees. Zizzo Group occupies the entire second floor and the rear section of the first floor of the building.

Historic Milwaukee Building

The Walker’s Point building, located at the corner of S. 1st St. and W. Seeboth St., was constructed in the Romanesque Revival style in 1855 for liquor distributor Emil Schneider. Over the years, it underwent additions in 1866 and 1959, as documented by the Wisconsin Historical Society. For a considerable period, the Brass Light Gallery occupied the building.

Zizzo Group’s previous location, a two-story, 13,314-square-foot space within a larger building at 318 E. Chicago St. in the Third Ward, remains available for sale or lease.

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