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Veteran and rookie green thumbs have one thing in common; they have more to learn. Regardless of the depth of your knowledge, plants are a great way to decorate your apartment without damaging it. Some require less attention than others, so if you’re uneasy about becoming a caretaker, take a look at which ones are recommended for folks dipping their toes in the deep waters of botany.

As you learn how to care for them, you can adopt more unpredictable and demanding ones. While some of these volatile plants are gorgeous, remember that some are harmful to humans and animals. If you have children or pets, you should not buy hazardous plants, no matter how eye-catching they are.

While it may feel like it’s raining on your parade, there is a break in the clouds and blue sky for the novices; many tricky and risky plants can be purchased as artificial.

Fake plants do not require any materials and treatment, aside from wiping the dust off occasionally. A rare, light dusting is much more reasonable for the fast-paced individual than daily watering and rotating. Artificial floras are a great compromise to dangerous organics.

As long as you don’t have a teething puppy or toddler, you don’t have to stress about fake plants injuring you, your pets, or your children. Houseplants are incredible decorations and create life in any apartment. If you’ve reached a design plateau and can’t decide how to continue decorating, consider filling the gap with a living and breathing decoration.

Plants are a great way to decorate any apartment and purify the air for a fresh, healthy living space.

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