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Best Pizza Places in Milwaukee

Riverfront Pizzeria Bar & Grill

riverfront pizzeria

Owners of Riverfront Pizzeria want to be the makers of your friend’s and family’s fond memories, that’s why they opened their doors in the first place. When first arriving in America, he used his passion to light his way through culinary school. After working for a senior care community, he realized he loved to bring people together by means of food.

The owner has been accredited with AVPN, which is an Italian board that acknowledges the study of creating genuine Napolitana pizza. There are only ninety-seven individuals in North, Central, and South America that have earned this accreditation. He snuck his way into becoming an owner and chef, until one day he took over ownership of the business and turned the dream of his life into his reality.

Fixture Pizza Pub

fixture pizza pub

With free two-hour parking, you might just become a fixture while you sit down at Fixture! Fixture Pizza Pub is a small, snug tavern tucked between Pierce and Bruce on Second Street. Stop in for some ‘zza or get yourself a soup, salad, or sandwich. With every menu item made by hand, you’re going to want to flip the menu over and find something to sip on while you and your guests wait. With numerous beers, cocktails, ciders, and even gluten-free beverages, there are more than enough options to accommodate all diets.

Sal’s Pizza Milwaukee

sal's pizza

Whether you’re grabbing a slice to-go or looking for a pie to feed the whole crew, Sal’s has got you. A classic counter service pizza place with stone walls makes Sal’s a great spot to stop in and get back out to living life. The fun-loving staff makes the experience that much more enjoyable when you bite into excellent pizza for a fair price. Skip the slice and try some of their wings, salads, or Stromboli! Next time you’re out on the town, stop in at Sal’s.

Ian’s Pizza Cream City

ian's pizza

Ian’s offers pizza by the slice and pie. Stop in for a twelve, sixteen, or twenty-inch classic or specialty pizza pie. No one has to be left out, though. Build your own pizza or choose from vegan classic or specialty pizzas, too! If pizza sounds too heavy, just grab a signature salad or again, create your own.

Want to make Ian’s from home? Well, then come on down and grab some uncooked dough and toss it yourself. Gluten-free Puppy Chow and vegan and gluten-free Churro Chow are also available. Next time you find yourself at Juneau and Water Street, forget Buffalo Wild Wings and Qdoba, give your business to Ian’s Pizza Cream City!

Brick 3 Pizza

I Love Brick 3 Pizza

Brick 3 is the counter service spot you need to meet the New York slice needs in your life. Stop in and grab a pie for the party, or snack on a sandwich or calzone! If you aren’t feeling like going out and dining in, order online and pick up your food curbside or even utilize Brick 3’s contactless delivery option.

With wood-paneled walls, vintage bar stools, Bucks jerseys lining the walls, and bobbleheads across all the light fixtures, Brick 3 Pizza is exactly what you’d expect from a counter less than a block from the Milwaukee River. Grab yourself an authentic New York slice and take a hike…no really, take a hike along the North Riverwalk Way trail accessible from Highland Avenue and Old World 3rd Street.

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