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Grocery Stores in Milwaukee

Cermak Fresh Market

1st & Greenfield, 1236 S Barclay St, Milwaukee, WI 53204
8am-9pm, daily

Cermak provides fresh meat and produce with prices that are hard to beat. The store is always clean, the staff is friendly, and you never have to wait too long to check out. If you need a lunch in a hurry, check out their plethora of to-go options. The hot deli has a wonderful choice of Hispanic cuisine. Their enormous bakery will take care of all your bread, muffin, donut, cookie, and cake needs. While it may be a regional chain, the food is local, and they import Polish, Greek, and other ethnic foods, too.

Asian International Market

3401 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215
9am-7pm, daily

Asian International Market sits on the corner of National and 34th Street. If you need clean and organized produce, canned goods, toiletries, all the way to utensils, plates, bowls, and pitchers, the Asian International Market has what you need. You can even buy fake money for filming videos! If you’re too impatient to cook, pick out some food from their refrigerator full of ready-made meals! Don’t neglect the papaya stand in the back.

Milwaukee Food Market

2903 W Clybourn St, Milwaukee, WI 53208
8am-9pm, daily

Milwaukee Food Market is situated on the corner at Clybourn and 29th. If you want an excellent little store in a centralized location, this one is for you. While it gets packed up, the cashier keeps the line moving. If you want a marvelous selection of produce and fresh meat, both organic and regular, you just landed on a gold mine. The store is always clean, well-stocked, and the employees are happy to help. Instead of giving your money to pick ‘n’ save or Walmart, head to the neighborhood store and grab some hot food cooked fresh in the back.

Mo’s Food Market

2404 W Clybourn St, Milwaukee, WI 53233
9am-8pm, daily

Don’t let the exterior fool you, Mo’s Market is incredibly clean with more options than you could imagine. Whatever supplies you need for your kitchen, Mo’s has it. If you are looking for live seafood and a different assortment of fruit, you need to stop in. If you want snails, Blue King Crab, Crawfish, Tilapia, Salmon, Mo’s will ship it in. If you’re trying to find King Durian from Malaysia, Jackfruit, Sweet Pomelo, Dragon fruit, or even thinly sliced lamb, say hello to the workers at Mo’s!

Kassees Food Market Inc

2131 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233
8am-8pm, daily

If you’re in the area, you got to stop in and say what’s up to Kassee. If you just want a vast beer selection that’s ice-cold, make an appearance here. Kai Cook-Daniels asked for a beer that wasn’t stocked, next week, the beer was in the cooler! Kassee went as far as to even stock a few Arabic products. Esteban shared some personal information and explained how Kassee taught him how to tie a tie when he was a kid. If that isn’t enough to get you in the door, Kassee is a hardworking guy that mans the store by day and works as an attorney at night!


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